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Iron Rebel

Omni Lifting Straps

Omni Lifting Straps

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Our NEW Iron Rebel Omni lifting straps were specially designed to be able to stay on your wrist throughout your entire workout. They offer wrist support, as well as enhanced grip capabilities.

  • The IR embossed neoprene will protect your wrist from unwanted chaffing and add extra comfort to your lifts.
  • Made of a nylon/cotton blend and has been reinforced with box and "X" stitching to increase durability.
  • Tested to withstand well above 700 lbs. without any failures.
  • One innovative feature we've added to these straps is a loop inside of the wrist velcro which ensures the wrist support will not completely slide out during fastening or removal.
  • We've also added velcro to the tips of the straps, so you're able to stow away the strap between lifts for loading or unloading, or any other reason you might need the straps out of your way.
  • These highly versatile straps are adjustable to fit a wide rage of wrist sizes, from XS to 4XL.
  • Comes as a pair
The Omni Lifting straps are an essential part of any gym bag, and are guaranteed to last even on your heaviest of lifts. 
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