Andy Huang


Andy Huang






#3 All time 275lb


San Diego California

Current Location:

Irvine California


Old Sister


Chief Operating Officer Iron Rebel. Coach

How did you start competing?

I was burnt out and looking for a change from Bodybuilding. I’ve always like competing at the highest level, and pushing my body to the limits

How long have you been competing?

3.5 years. My first meet was October 2015

What is your proudest moment/achievement in your sport?

Totaling 2193lbs going 9/9 at the LA Fit Expo in 2017

What are your favorite foods to eat?

Sushi. Steak and Rice. Ice Cream

What do you like to do outside of the Gym?

I’m a homebody. I like to watch movies, anime, shows. I also like to read Novels and books. Go to the beach, hike, sight see.

Who are your inspirations or people you look up to?

Chad Wesley Smith has been my biggest influence and Mentor in Powerlifting. I’ve always been huge fan of Ed Coan, Dan Green, Stan Efferding

What’s something about you that not many people know?

I’m scared of heights so I hate riding in Roller coasters etc and hate flying in Planes. I like to draw, but don’t have enough time for it, need to get back to it.

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