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Ambassador Highlight

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month Connor Deuby.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month April

Connor Deuby's little bit of info

My name is Connor Deuby. I’ve been a life-long athlete as I have I competed in martial arts and wrestled for 18 yrs and now. I am currently the Head Trainer and help run Hidden Gym in Allen TX.

I got into bodybuilding after doing a transformation program back in January of 2011 and it turned out that I love lifting weight and naturally am a very strong person.

I love bodybuilding because it all comes down to your own personal effort. People can help you, but at the end of the day it’s a competition of how strong your will is and how badly you want to reach your goal. I chose Iron Rebel because in my opinion it’s for real athletes, that really train. There isn’t any fluffy nonsense and they represent what a real athlete should be. My personal goals for this year are to win a bodybuilding show in the light heavy weight class and qualify for nationals. Along with my competitive goals, I want to take my coaching business to its next level and really be able to help as many people as I can!

Derek Schmidt was an Ambassador of the month for March.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month March

Derek Schmidt's little bit of info

Derek Schmidt is a 34 yr. old from Tacoma, Washington. He has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 13 years now and has been a podium finisher in multiple CrossFit competitions since 2008.

In December of 2020, Derek decided to switch gears and give powerlifting a try. He competed in his first powerlifting meet earlier this month, coming in 3rd and setting a state record for his weight class in the deadlift!

Derek will be marrying his beautiful fiancé, Nisa, this year! And in early 2022 he plans to open a gym to continue his fitness journey with Iron Rebel. When he was asked, “Why Iron Rebel?,” he said, “I decided to partner with Iron Rebel because of the people and atmosphere that the company attracts. It is genuine and I love being a part of the company!”

Stefanie Angela Gonzalez was an Ambassador of the month for February.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month February

Stefanie Angela Gonzalez's little bit of info

Stefanie Angela Gonzalez is a single 37-year-old whose dabbled into many things. She’s a make-up artist who got into fitness as runner. As time went on, she struggled with anemia, which had taken its toll on her body. It was then that she realized she had to take care of her body and pay attention to her sources of nourishment and supplements, on a daily basis and focus on becoming stronger.

For years, working out at the gym has become therapeutic for her. Even on days when she’s not feeling it, she inspires people around her by showing up, persevering and is humbled at the fact she’s still a work-in-progress, all while studying to become a self-established trainer.

Her life experiences have inspired her to become a life coach for women and men who battle with mental illness. She wants to lead by example and show them that just because she can’t lift 400 lbs., it doesn’t mean she can’t outrun someone bigger, with stricter discipline.

She believes that one doesn’t always have to sit in a counselling office and talk about their problems. Sometimes it’s a battle of self-procrastination and self-motivation! With this new year, she aims to promote positivity and movement to encourage people to follow suit.

Gerardo Cuevas was an Ambassador of the month for January.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month January

Gerardo Cuevas’ little bit of info

A 27 years old married with 2 kids in the army. Started working out the beginning of senior year in high school, he wanted to lose weight and accomplished to get to his goal.

Now, he just do it as a routine, gerardo love’s working out every day it’s one thing that gets his day going...

Maren Sowerby was an Ambassador of the month for December.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month December

Maren Sowerby’s little bit of info

Maren has been training essentially her whole life as she’s always been athletic, and played sports while growing up. She’s always loved lifting weights, but had periods of time where the weights were put on the back burner due to her investing time into martial arts. Weightlifting has taught her so much, not just physically, but mentally as well and the iron has become therapy for her. She’s found that strength can be built with more than just the weight on the bar.

Maren is currently training for her first ever bodybuilding show and plans to compete in April 2021 at 31 years old. This is something she’s always wanted to do, and now is her time! Maren knows achieving pro status would be an amazing accomplishment and she is ready to dominate her first show. Best of luck to Maren!

John BETIT Abersano was an Ambassador of the month for November.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month November

John BETIT Abersano’s little bit of info

John is 35 years old from NY. He’s a proud father to an amazing son and also engaged to be married to his beautiful fiancé hopefully next year. He works as a security supervisor at a casino in NY and also has done personal security for many famous celebrities and athletes. John has been working out/bodybuilding for about 8 years and hopes to compete in the near future. John loves helping and inspiring others at the gym to reach they’re fitness goals and is the guy that’s always there for that spot or liftoff at the gym. He is just a gym rat that loves chasing that pump and pushing his body to its limits. Swole is the goal, size is the prize...

Jackson Haen was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of October.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month October

Jackson Haen’s little bit of info

Jackson started bodybuilding after his D1 football career was cut short. He initially did it just to lose weight, but because he loved training hard in the gym, he was encouraged to compete. Jackson fell in love with the round-the-clock discipline of the sport. That constant feeling that he was always doing something to improve himself and always in that you vs. you competition, from pushing through reps, to eating six perfect meals and never falling off his plan. Jackson takes a lot of pride in what he does and knows he has so much to improve on, which is why he loves this sport. You can always be better....

Tony He was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of September.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month September

Tony He’s little bit of info

Tony is been lifting for a little over a decade and some change. Growing up in an era that predated any social media including Facebook, MySpace, and even AIM, there wasn’t as much emphasis on fitness. He didn’t have much of a goal when he first started lifting. The only gym he went to was the local nyc parks and rec center, and it was mainly a place to kick it with friends. As time went on, as society changed, and everything seemed to fall into chaos, the gym became his sanctuary. He found solace in the weights. While focuses have bounced around from strength, hypertrophy, and general fitness, the main purpose remained, and that is therapy. When he started seeing the weights and machines as doctors and orderlies, he finally found a purpose to stay dedicated to the iron. He loves this brand not just because of the name or the images of what being an iron rebel can conjure up, but the diverse group of genuine and humble people.

Juan Diabloco was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of August.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month August

Juan Diabloco’s little bit of info

JUAN is a Marine Corps Combat Vet, married with 3 kids, and a freelance graphic designer and developer. He injured his back in service and used to sit around in pain until he finally got up and started going to the gym. He found powerlifting and became obsessed with the big 3 lifts. Once he started training regularly his life has been fairly pain free.

He has been competing for 2 years and really enjoy it. He also like to do some strongman training and may dip his toes in competing in 2021. He love the camaraderie in the strength community and the Iron Rebel Army...

Brandon Ziemba was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of July.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month July

Brandon Ziemba’s little bit of info

Brandon is a powerlifter as well as a powerlifting coach who has aspirations to be certified by the USPA powerlifting federation and who is also owned gym unit fitness. He has a goal to be certified in athletic strength and conditioning as well as general fitness working with people on positive lifestyle changes. Brandon has been employed by Publix which is the number one grocery retailer in the south. And a student who is in school for a Bachelor’s degree in organizational business administration...

Chris Stell was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of June.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month June

Chris Stell’s little bit of info

25 years old from Vermont, blessed with a beautiful wife and 3 amazing kiddos. Chris started training to get in shape for baseball from his sophomore year of high school and fell in love with bodybuilding when he saw Jay Cutler on a muscle mag of his infamous stomp from the 2009 Mr.olympia. He have competed in the NPC since 2016 as a classic physique competitor along with a few men's physique and junior bodybuilding. He prides me in being the hardest worker in the room...

Andrew Williams was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of May.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month May

Andrew’s little bit of info

Andrew is one of those who is dealing with “Crohn’s Disease”. And because of his determination where he finds fitness gym is like a home, All the blood, sweat and tears that is poured into his training, his willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone. You are one tough son of a b**ch brother, keep inspiring others.

Chris Herrera was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of April.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month April

Chris Herrera’s little bit of info

A proud bodybuilding competitor who trains for competitions. He’s been doing this for 6 years and loving it. The thing he like most about bodybuilding is the competitive aspect, the hard-core training and discipline. It changes also shows in becoming a better athlete within himself. He like inspiring and motivating others helping people. What he plan for the future is becoming an IFBB pro and receiving a pro card status, and opening up his own gym someday...

Cole Eastvold was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of March.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month March

Cole’s little bit of info

Cole is an aspiring athlete with 10 yrs. of experience who has won several NPC shows and was crowned the 2017 Mr. MN. He is currently working with @dustyhanshaw08 to compete in this year’s Jr. Nationals. Cole is an online coach, “High Grade Physique” , who holds posing seminars and events, partnered with Braden Bentley.

Lauren Marae was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of February.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month February

Lauren’s little bit of info

Because there’s a story behind everything, how the picture got on the wall. Everyone has a level of influence that can be harnessed, Lauren is one of the best examples of a mom who is driven, making sure she squeezes in fitness, everyday. Motherhood has taught her that fear is not an option

John Nieckarz was an Ambassador of the Month for the month of January.

Iron Rebel Ambassador of the Month January

John’s little bit of info

I have been lifting / training for 19 years. My main lifting style is Powerlifting. I have competed a few times, most recently last year. I have been coaching for 12 years. I work in Human Resources. I really enjoy the Iron Rebel company and family.


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